Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Friday, 20 March 2009

extreme sheepherding

i LOVE sheep herd trials

the way one man and a few dogs can round up a bunch of sheep is amazing to me

we go to the koala sanctuary in kenmore quite often (have season pass') should put a pic of theo here.....

it's a good way to wear him out before his mid-day nap - and it's really helping him overcome his fear of some animals (he still runs away from the goats as they are rather excitable when he has food for them.... and i personally blame the emu to begin with - after all it did try to take his biscuit out of his hand when theo was in the pram one time!!!)
anyhoo back to the reason for posting
check this out - pure brilliance!!! and the world needs to smile right now

Monday, 16 March 2009

magazine available now

better homes and gardens (US) bags, pillows and pincushions magazine - with patterns, instructions and photographs of 36 lovely projects - get ready for christmas now!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

shorter version

ok thanks to those who took advantage of my poorly advertised pattern sale at ozebaby
i will run another one when the new portabello pixie patterns arrive

head over to for some marked down quality girly bits pads and some budget liners

if you live in brisbane please check out the inaugural brisbane comedy festival at the powerhouse museum

and also at ipswich - the great moscow circus - the opening is a bit dark and frightening for some young kids (both of mine were very disturbed by it); and you may need to reassure more literal children of the performers safety at times - but it was a truly wonderful and memorable family experience

will post more in the coming week

so mad

i just did a HUGE post with links and all about our weekend
and google stuffed it!!!
oh no
must save from now on - will try again soon

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

a sewing/crafting update...

i participated in a pad swap - looks like i forgot to take a pic of the one i sent - it was hot pink BV with bamboo fleece soaker, PUL and bamboo/cotton butterfly print

here's the pad i received for my swap - purple flannel, hemp terry and cotton print - isn't it pretty?

another swap - i was assigned the gorgeous becci - see the apron on the 27th of december - the swap was notions based - so i made up the melly and me pattern "under the sea" for her to use as pincushions. i put the big fish top fin on backwards - looks a bit punkier - t'was a mistake but i think it looks ok. i also sent the pattern, some tie-dye cords and the fat quarters for the FQ swap (i got becci for both). enjoy becci - thanks for organising another wonderful swap

if you think this pattern is becoming my favourite then you are correct!!! i made this one up for one of ally's school friends - they gave us a bag full of georgia's grown out of shoes - this was my way of saying thankyou - the print's are kaffe fassett and i chose a plain bodice this time.

i got so many comments about ally's dress at a birthday party last month i'm going to make some up for my first market