Wednesday, 28 February 2007

coming soon

ok i'm currently working on

more PUL backed pads for vicki at bubblebubs

more bamboo velour pads for karen at baby soft landings

new stuff for megs at natural menstruation soon to be the bamboo store

and soon for michelle at sustainable hemp - hemp/silk top, bamboo/hemp inner and a very suitable print on the back

i will *try* to get some more BV's and funky prints up on ozebaby every couple of weeks

hmmm should i offer a custom for march???

photos are of the new celestial print exclusive to BSL

and a clearer pic of the colours of what michelle calls *funky flowers* - named pompeii

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

gdunh prize

ok first person to email me at and tell me what has changed on my website can have 10% off any purchase made at my ozebaby store until midnight tomorrow (28th feb 2007) night

i'm about to put up some organic sherpa topped pads
2 bamboo velour topped pads
and a few wilder prints to boot

happy gdunh all


Tuesday, 6 February 2007

coming soon to ozebaby

silk, bamboo velour, silk, did i mention silk and some more cute liners

have a brilliant week

on their way to baby soft landings today - bamboo velour top, bamboo towelling inner and a gorgeous dragonfly print on the back