Sunday, 24 June 2007

i *have* been working

i'll pop up a pic in the next couple of days of the wholesale order we're working on atm.

i see meg's bamboo store order is almost gone - wow you guys!!!

here's a couple of customs i've done lately

there's a black hemp silk pair with sunflowers and the *last* fairy (i'd promised this before the earlier blog post below - so again please don't ask - i've got the rest saved for ally) - this isn't a great shot - i forgot to take one after completion of thread burying and snapping.

the other was a custom with flannel top and plain PUL bottoms - i've got a stack of these cut out for bubblebubs (if vicki still wants them) that i'll puddle through over the next couple of weeks. vicki's great for NOT applying any pressure.

i've also got some BV's cut out for karen at baby soft landings to puddle through.

and some hemps for michelle at sustainable hemp.

i've also got some hemps underway for another store - with a totally gorgeous and exclusive print - i haven't forgotten you!!!

this weekend i'm working on some customs and trades to clean the slate before stopping. some really nice pads (if i do say so myself).

i'll be taking at least 3 months off - to recover, adjust and enjoy our new addition (and move). and to evaluate how to make this whole *girly bits* stuff work better for me - without adding the stress it does when one's product is popular.

have a lovely week



Thursday, 21 June 2007


needed to get that out