Sunday, 2 December 2007

and the winner is

Emma N

with her stunning painting

added here with her permission

please note this artwork is copyrighted to Emma N and not to be reproduced without her permission



Tuesday, 23 October 2007

a couple of quick things

the competition for purple bv mermaid paid has been extended until nov 30 - get your entries in, you can't win unless you enter

this is a super heavy duty stash - 30cm long, quilting flannel on top, 3 layers of bamboo towelling and 2mil poly pul underneath - the new owner is very pleased. these were my pleasure.

charity liner on ozebaby - see



Wednesday, 19 September 2007


see info here

i made this pad (amongst a few others) before our son was born. i'm offering it up now in anticipation of a gradual reopening of girly bits to the retail public.
thanks all for your support and patience

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

last one for today

i painted a couple of T's to go to boys in a couple of my favourite families -

it was nice to do something again after so many years

- i still need a bit more practice to get up to what i used to but i can see my bubba's having some mama painted items real soon



a few pics

this is some of what i managed to get done during our move.

a trade with a gorgeous nappy making mama

2 post partum slots

and a couple for one of my best customers - she loves purple BV



you may wonder

why i would put a pic up of one of my worn out pads....

well this is a liner i've been using very frequently - approx 3 times a week for over 18months. i was wanting to show that even though the fabric is now deteriorating the stitching is still intact - this demonstrates why i have the confidence to offer a 3month repair/replacement on construction on all my pads -

used or not!!! smile.

bit of an update

well after 3 weeks offline i'm back
i've had a few inquiries about where to buy GB's
atm there's stock at - i think amy and i chose the perfect print for her store - it's metro blue.
rachel at best for baby has a large order ready to sell when she reopens best for baby.
and i'm trying to get a few other stores a small order before our addition arrives next week.
go rather slowly but still going a bit - sometimes it's just nice to sit and pin or sew rather than chase, clean, prepare you know?
hope you are all well

Sunday, 24 June 2007

i *have* been working

i'll pop up a pic in the next couple of days of the wholesale order we're working on atm.

i see meg's bamboo store order is almost gone - wow you guys!!!

here's a couple of customs i've done lately

there's a black hemp silk pair with sunflowers and the *last* fairy (i'd promised this before the earlier blog post below - so again please don't ask - i've got the rest saved for ally) - this isn't a great shot - i forgot to take one after completion of thread burying and snapping.

the other was a custom with flannel top and plain PUL bottoms - i've got a stack of these cut out for bubblebubs (if vicki still wants them) that i'll puddle through over the next couple of weeks. vicki's great for NOT applying any pressure.

i've also got some BV's cut out for karen at baby soft landings to puddle through.

and some hemps for michelle at sustainable hemp.

i've also got some hemps underway for another store - with a totally gorgeous and exclusive print - i haven't forgotten you!!!

this weekend i'm working on some customs and trades to clean the slate before stopping. some really nice pads (if i do say so myself).

i'll be taking at least 3 months off - to recover, adjust and enjoy our new addition (and move). and to evaluate how to make this whole *girly bits* stuff work better for me - without adding the stress it does when one's product is popular.

have a lovely week



Thursday, 21 June 2007


needed to get that out

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

a few more pads and pieces...

2 dragonflies, one with purple microfleece top, the other with blue suedecloth are a custom night slot
the 3 aqua prints below have BV on top and
are part of a trade
with one very talented mama!!!

these 2 were sent to someone very special - i hope she likes the fairy!!! if only it makes her smile for a few moments i will be happy. this fabric
is NOT available for customs so please don't ask.

post partum custom

this was a rush job for a gorgeous lady due in the next week or so. red cotton/poly velour (80/20) from my private stash, purple dyed bamboo/organic cotton velour (70/30), and some absolutely stunning prints. i love the new red oversized floral above. the two smaller liners are narrow 24cm pads with 2 layer hemp fleece soakers. the 4 long pads are 30cm, 3 layer bamboo towelling, hidden PUL panel and quilting cottons.
they have arrived and she's happy - so here they are for you to see.
hugs karen

Saturday, 19 May 2007

a bit about our day...

we went to currumbin sanctuary this afternoon.

so i thought i'd put a couple of pics up.

ally was styled by her daddy today. that with the roughing up by a kangaroo led to a more casual hair look!!!

we remembered to take a hat for feeding time with the birds today as last time we all got a bit scratched up and ally's head hurt - it's just before sundown and being under so many trees we'd put the hats away last time.

ally has a newfound love of pumpkin soup - thanks aunty K.

i started a bit of a trend, her daddy joined in all competitive like so i do have some great soup pictures. but tonight i decided to do one that matched our day.... it's fun making pictures on soup with yoghurt - everyone should try (thanks iron chef)



you guessed it.... pads

these pics are the latest pads to go to my dear friend michelle at sustainable hemp products - there will only be

3 of the rainbow fairies with hemp silk tops.

the aqua fairies will have around 20 in total.

finally we are getting stuff aimed at the market i really want to crack - teens. and i'm aiming for university girls too - my dream to be at O week spreading the word - if anyone can get me there it's the hempnut - she's just a walking ball of passion!!!

the last pic is the mermaid that i kind of stuffed - took the top of her head off - so guess what - I get to keep this one for myself - yay!!!



Saturday, 12 May 2007

my poor bubba

woke at midnight unwell - thick cough, runny nose, sore throat (she actually said she had a sore throat - it's amazing when they can verbalise their symptoms) and rank poos to boot. so i'm puddling through some sewing but not at the pace i'd like. bubba asked me to find something small so i could scoop the germs out of her throat - aww - had to explain that the body has special germ fighters that will do that for her, that it will take a few days but her body knows just what to do.

and tip for the day - do NOT try to break dental floss with your fingers - that stuff cuts like a knife - sigh - i did get to wear an elmo bandaid 'though

Friday, 11 May 2007

last one for today

i've got some gorgeous new fabrics (i think i told you i'm a fabric addict - yes?)

i've got 3 in the the kitty boutique range - more to come on ozebaby very soon - something a little different to try.

the peacock is popular - which is great - i was very excited to find another peacock with gold accents.

another custom - this was a night custom for 2 pads - the mermaid and dancing cows - so funky - great taste there from the buyer.

and the most exquisite new line at sustainable hemp products - this will be a short run and there will be 3 only of the same print in rainbow colours - i'll post a pic once i've got one made up.

i love my job!

the post-partum custom stash

that has convinced me to make some lovely PPPs for myself....

i love this set and hope the new owner will too


more about pads

some pics of my recent work

the first is one of the cute mermaids i put up on ozebaby with a bamboo/org cotton velour top, bamboo towelling inner and gorgeous print.

another post partum custom - 2 liners with extended fronts - this is a great shape and available to all customs - plus 4 gorgeous purple BV tops, another of the ultimate goth pad in there.


Thursday, 3 May 2007

a few more pad things

and then i'll leave you be.

many of my direct customers are mum's who use cloth nappies on their babies. why not - many women have a realisation that if they won't use disposables on their bubs then why on their bits?

but some of my ladies aren't mums and some aren't who one might expect.
i'm completely chuffed i've managed to get my best mate into cloth - i sent her a black hemp topped pad with PUL print on back to try and she loved it. so i've now made her up the pads in teh first pic above - we used to go see animated movies together and she's a huge fan of Cars so i did one for a giggle. plus some darker ones with PUL back.
the second pic is to show a comparison of my regular 24cm pad versus the new 30cm - it's the same width wingspan as the 27cm and some ladies prefer that. i still have and do the wider 30cm that's available at best for baby.
very very busy this month - a few more customs to finish plus a whole lot of wholesale.

custom pads

it's been fun making a few customs up. it's quite rewarding in different ways to have a woman who knows exactly what she wants and to have one who's completely new to cloth pads and has given me the opportunity to be their first step on their cloth journey.

i really get quite passionate about what i do. i love the fabrics. i love the adjustability of my pads in length, width, thickness and content to suit each individual's needs. and i love the feedback when someone gets a truly beautiful pad and says they look forward to being able to wear them.

i had an auction for a mermaid mother and baby and was humbled by how well it went. but of course i don't actually think one pad is enough for the amount spent so in the first pic is everything that went for that auction. the second pic shows the actual pad won - so it's my dyed purple BV with the mermaid on the back; the other items included a liner, bag and i tossed in a second i had here too.
the other 3 pads are 2 customs for heavy/night pads - 27cm and 30cm long with hidden PUL.
my hubby calls the purple bv with purple paisley on black the *ultimate goth pad* - smile.
the bamboo print was used with permission of michelle at sustainable hemp products.