Saturday, 23 December 2006

christmas present previews

1st is the top that donna made and the pants i've made to match - love this print

2nd is a closeup of the fairy fabric i've used to make ally a new dress

3rd is a closeup of the fabric i've used to make greg's boxer shorts - i've got some ready to make a set for ozebaby too - love this print

4th is the mighty mouse cotton knit i've made greg a pair of lounge pants from

5th is the key ring i've made greg - this took almost 2 hours with cleaning the bead release out of the hole (naughty seller) ; trying to get the different threading through said hole; different tieing combos and it being 1 am when i started.... now i'm wondering if he'll use it

will post action shots after christmas



Friday, 22 December 2006

i'm official

so despite advice saying we aren't big enough from chartered accountants, a cpa and a govt business advisor i am now the official owner of a business called girly bits wheeee hugs kaz

some sewing for us

on friday our part of a trade with donna (bits for bots) arrived i'm making a pair of pants to match for one of ally's christmas presents - so i won't be unveiling any of it until then i'm also making her a little dress in a very colourful fairy print we think she'll adore i've made my man a pair of pirate treasure map boxer shorts for christmas so i've got the hobby horse head, some long dag around the house pants for hubby, and the oven mitts for the relos to go on the sewing machine plus the exclusive bamboo velour girly bits pads range i'm doing for baby soft landings - should be a lovely new business relationship there almost christmas hope you are all ready for the way you choose to celebrate the day hugs kaz

the second collaboration

this one was for boys after the slow start on the girls auction i decided not to go so overboard with this one so i made a pair of long shorts,
a jacket style shirt and a triangle bandana/bib to go with tracee's glorious nappy and wipes
in the end they both went for slightly more than the starting price - tracee and i were both very happy
my hubby wasn't so happy - he wanted to keep the boys set - he reckoned girls could wear it too. and if the girls set hadn't gone we were going to keep the pants for ally and relist the nappy with the smaller top only.
i'm really pleased as they both have gone to home where they will be loved. tracee and i both look forward to seeing photos on the children.

collaboration with tracee of whizz kidz

i've worked (very slowly) on 2 sets to go with nappies i've asked tracee from whizz kidz to make using some of my gorgeous fabric. this is the first set - for girls it's 2 different michael miller fabrics which contrast
beautifully together i think. there's 2 different tops - one is reversible by turning inside out and the other by turning back to front. the pants are done with a contrasting hem which can be turned up as a cuff or left down.
the nappy tracee did is stunning with a hotp pink microfleece inner layer.
i was very tempted to just keep this nappy and make something for my bear from the fabric. but that wouldn't be fair on tracee. so they'll be on in the handmaiden store this weekend december the 9th.
i've got some finishing to do on the boys set and then i'll update here

a fresh start

in the world of blogging
it's about my pad creations
my fabric addiction
my sewing habits and other things i choose to divulge
of course i had to go the pink background
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p.s. want to know a secret?
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