Friday, 11 March 2011

a little bit of this and a little bit of that....

(forgive the font change and size mixup - i really thought i had it this time)

oh life can be so hectic with 2 kids, one in school one at home, working thurs evening and all day saturday, plus every 3rd sunday. whilst living in an unfinished house 45min from greg's work and 30 mins for ally's school.
sometimes i feel like a taxi driver, who makes meals, does housework and semi-regularly gets to zumba (which is oh so addictive i wish i could do more)

last year alex and i signed up for a christmas card swap on - these are the gorgeous cards we received from around the world - we really enjoyed being involved thanks amber - the big snowman at the bottom is the stunning card alex made at school for greg and i - she's such a talented chicken

the cards we received =>

we've done a few cool little jobs around the house the most fun
(and successful) is our first paver/stepping stone up to the car - it took 2 bags of cement, some mosaic mirror tiles and some cut up glass tiles to make my snail paver - we are so pleased with how it turned out - the pic is taken whilst the cement is still wet - it looks better since it's dried and greg has scraped the tiles clean - i'll get another pic (yeah sometime karen sometime)

the snail paver in question =>

i've managed to do some sewing too - very enjoyable toothe first was a custom set of pads for a gorgeous lady who lives locally and found me via nurture nappies - ooh i can't wait to show you how beautiful they all turned out - was so exciting to create beautiful pads again

16 pads in a bag =>

and these gorgeous little aprons - i made this one for miss annette
one of the teacher aides at alex's school - i really wanted her to some colour so chose 2 eric carle prints - one from hungry caterpillar and one from brown bear
i made myself one for work too - it's very cool and i will have to get pics of it on

miss annette in her apron =>