Saturday, 21 April 2007

first dye-ing attempt

will write up later

just wanted to put some pics up

greg wanted one pair of his thai fishermans pants purple and the other black (waiting on the co-op) so i took the opportunity (after a lesson and lots of phone support from my dear friend lesley of cherubskiss fame) to dye a few things.

here's the end result. it's a long story and we're about to watch spooks and do some more padmagicary.



Tuesday, 17 April 2007

weekend at the yurt

so we headed off to nimbin saturday morning to visit friends we've met via the online cloth nappy community.

we had a lovely time - set up the tent overlooking all the green mountains about 100m from the yurt

ally had the best time running around with J - mostly chasing chickens, collecting eggs and playing in the sandpit. before an outdoor bath and yummy woodfired pizza for dinner (made in the home made pizza oven).

sunday saw a quick trip to the markets to get hubby some more thai fisherman's pants - we'll dye these ourselves seeing the ones we got in november last year are *still* running in cold water. got some purple for one pair and will get black for the others.

grabbed ally a mango smoothie then headed out to the first garden (nimbin had an open garden weekend) - it was lovely with a flower section, orchard, hardwood plantation for furniture making, herbs, and rainforrest type area. we bought some homemade biscuits and P got some chillies to put in lunch.

headed back to the yurt for a yummy lunch of dahl (me sans chillies) and no knead bread.

then off to the second garden - a fabulous 4 acres plotted into garden rooms which had been on BH&G a couple of years ago. there were some stunning above ground no dig vege patches, a sculpture and flower garden, a japanese garden, musical instrument garden (the man of the house is a composer) - yes that's a piano in the garden, there was a tunned hubaphone (think xylophone made of hubcaps), and some power tools set up as a mini orchestra. the other two pics show ally reaching up to touch this huge drooping flower - T said something about fairies dresses but i don't know if that was descriptive or it's actual name. and the possum is made from corrogated iron. the bathroom had a full window and the privacy was provided by it's own little garden.
after that we said our goodbyes - ally's really bad at goodbyes (just like her mummy) and was pretty upset and tried several tacts to get us to go back. however she was clearly exhausted as she fell asleep at Uki and woke as we entered the driveway about 90mins later.
got home to see my auction was going very high. but didn't notice until late yesterday what it ended at. thankyou to my gorgeous customers for giving my work the validation that you have. i'm so pleased you think my work is worth it (and yes i think it was a bit high so watch this space to see what the wonderful winning bidder will get).
yesterday i also got my sckoon pads from the auction that my BV pad a few posts down was donated too - they are lovely and soft.
have a great one

Friday, 13 April 2007

mermaids galore

last weekends custom mermaids are finished being constructed - i need bury threads, snap, label and package up to post out tomorrow morning on the way to nimbin

the other stash is for a flannel loving friend - i've added a mermaid for fun

more long mermaids up today on ozebaby


Thursday, 12 April 2007

going away

this weekend we are off to nimbin to visit friends living in a yurt - we'll take our camping stuff.

so i've got to finish off the mermaid customs tonight and tomorrow to post saturday.

i've got an auction to run over the weekend of the last mermaid mother and baby in aqua.

plus some custom slots for post partum and heavy/night pads.

more competition coming so i feel the need to let my whole range come back into view before i take my 3 month hiatus.

have a great one

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

donated pad

to help raise fund for shipping of pads
see link for further info
this will be on
bamboo velour top
bamboo towelling inner
and gorgeous asian print