Sunday, 30 November 2008

happy anniversary

11 years on - yesterday

we're in a good place - we have two beautiful, healthy and mostly happy children (they are 1 and 5 years old - i defy anyone to say their 1 and 5yos are always happy - lol)

we're soon to be building our dream home - no not a fancy big brick box... but an environmentally friendly kit home among the gum trees;

we can still afford me to be a stay at home mum - this is a value we hold dear, so live below our earnings to allow this;

we've downsized our car to reduce our carbon footprint

we are very aware of our footprint full stop and it feels good to lessen it each day

we're still madly in love

and we're still having fun

he gave me a lovely version of pippi longstocking illustrated by my favourite author/illustrator lauren child which comes with 4 collector cards that we will frame and hang in my studio at our new abode

i gave him 11 me-made chocolate crackles and a small bag of his favourite treats

to my wonderful husband

i love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever


your sweetie