Saturday, 24 March 2007

the next print for bamboo velour

i made one of these up as a door prize at rnw today

i have several cut out for ozebaby sometime in the coming couple of weeks

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

off to sustainable hemp products tomorrow

hemp/silk top, inner of 2 layers of bamboo towelling and 1 layer of hemp fleece, backing print of bamboo stalks on black - very very swish - wash these in lingerie bag ladies - don't want the silk getting hooked on anything in the wash

new print - pink panther - very very cool

plus a couple of the regulars - funky flowers (aka pompeii) and mothers of the world - michelle will love me!!!

lots of new stuff

i'm offering a limited release laurel burch mermaid print for my bamboo velour range on ozebaby. i'm still enjoying working with the animal prints with a flannel to match. lots being said around the place about longer pads - i've got a few 27cm ones going up in the next week including the wacky women with black flannel top.
girly bits is keeping me very busy whenever my darling daughter is either asleep, out with daddy or feeling particularly tolerant of mummy sewing.

Monday, 19 March 2007

bamboo fabric store stock

here is meg's new stock - hopefully i'll get to post tomorrow

i really love some of these prints (ok i love all my prints - but some i love more)


Monday, 12 March 2007

update early march

for pics of the latest padmagicary including some bamboo velour pads which will be listed this week

head to gossamer dreams for raffle tickets to raise funds for reusable nappy week activities in brisbane - 4th prize is a bamboo velour pad with your choice of print from my extensive fabric stash. only $2 per ticket

this week i'm sending stock to baby soft landings, bubblebubs, natural menstrual products and sustainable hemp (see for links)

the website was done up by my lovely hubby in time for the gdunh - we will have it polished up by an expert sometime in the following month

hoping to go back to bed now after waking at 2am after 5 hours sleep
have a brilliant week all