Tuesday, 24 July 2007

last one for today

i painted a couple of T's to go to boys in a couple of my favourite families -

it was nice to do something again after so many years

- i still need a bit more practice to get up to what i used to but i can see my bubba's having some mama painted items real soon



a few pics

this is some of what i managed to get done during our move.

a trade with a gorgeous nappy making mama

2 post partum slots

and a couple for one of my best customers - she loves purple BV



you may wonder

why i would put a pic up of one of my worn out pads....

well this is a liner i've been using very frequently - approx 3 times a week for over 18months. i was wanting to show that even though the fabric is now deteriorating the stitching is still intact - this demonstrates why i have the confidence to offer a 3month repair/replacement on construction on all my pads -

used or not!!! smile.

bit of an update

well after 3 weeks offline i'm back
i've had a few inquiries about where to buy GB's
atm there's stock at bubsincloth.com.au - i think amy and i chose the perfect print for her store - it's metro blue.
rachel at best for baby has a large order ready to sell when she reopens best for baby.
and i'm trying to get a few other stores a small order before our addition arrives next week.
go rather slowly but still going a bit - sometimes it's just nice to sit and pin or sew rather than chase, clean, prepare you know?
hope you are all well