Saturday, 18 September 2010

if you get annoyed by a lack of punctuation

it's probably best not to read this blog

this is the little b u g g e r ...

mid last week a juvenile butcher bird turned up on our deck
when i walked outside he wasn't frightened at all, and followed me
so i got him a couple of small pieces of meat - he took them from my hand

over the next 2 days he was managing to get scraps of food from 3 family members - this started to concern us a bit as we don't want a wild animal dependent upon us for food. yesterday he flew into the house and sat on a chair before i shooed him away. this morning he tapped on the sliding door until someone answered (my husband - lol) and then chatted away for at least 2 hours before my 3yo son insisted on giving him a treat - so now we've decided he will get one treat (about 1/2 teaspoon) per day - he's just too cheeky


thank you universe

for the lessons of the past week

sometimes trying to encourage empathy in others will not succeed - that's ok, i'll still try when i can

to teach my son as he grows that it is not necessary to overpower a woman to be a man - shaking a woman's hand need not require you to crush it so much it hurts 3 hours later when she goes home and cries to her husband - thank goodness i was blessed with a husband who has taught me what to do next time that happens to me

and by giving my kids two racist grandfathers - i must increase my resolve to teach my children there is good and bad in all, and to take each person at face value (not religion, race, sex, class, fame, wealth etc) we are all capable of doing great deeds and making bad choices. and we can live beyond all of them.


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

book week 2010

my kids LOVE the short-listed book "the terrible plop"
i HIGHLY recommend it
a fabulous read for all ages (including 43 yo daddy's)

alex went to school dressed up as the smallest rabbit
i bought the mask, face paint and a maribou feather (for her fluffy tail) home from work (craft ideas - indooroopilly) ; she went along like this with a red apple in hand
pretty cute huh?

koala sanctuary homage

go to above link (it's only for another 6 or so weeks) and see my kids with orion at the koala sanctuary
we had membership there for 2 year
s - theo and i would visit every 2 weeks or so - he got to know the farmers (particularly alan and geoff) and the shearers (terry and daniel); amy from the farm nursery
we had such fun on our last visit (our membership has now expired and we're going to do the train museum this year) - i finally went out front to catch the barn owl 'scuse the blurry pic - hubby on camera duty
the nursery koalas were very active; we got to see lots of babies climbing and cuddling

as were 2 tasmanian devils - laying in there tunnel

i took some footage of barak the platypus - you can watch the live feed from the koala sanctuary here

the scrub turkey's had some massive nest piles ready to attract a female for breeding

daisy the golden possum was showing off her bottom

theo said hello to all the parrots/birds by name - he learnt what each breed was so quickly

and for pure bragging - a pic of my beloved husband feeding a kangaroo

gotta go now - the tho-man is about to get out of his highchair from lunch so must turn off and pack away the computer

hope to put a few more posts up real soon - lots happening at chateau rich-kids