Tuesday, 7 September 2010

koala sanctuary homage


go to above link (it's only for another 6 or so weeks) and see my kids with orion at the koala sanctuary
we had membership there for 2 year
s - theo and i would visit every 2 weeks or so - he got to know the farmers (particularly alan and geoff) and the shearers (terry and daniel); amy from the farm nursery
we had such fun on our last visit (our membership has now expired and we're going to do the train museum this year) - i finally went out front to catch the barn owl 'scuse the blurry pic - hubby on camera duty
the nursery koalas were very active; we got to see lots of babies climbing and cuddling

as were 2 tasmanian devils - laying in there tunnel

i took some footage of barak the platypus - you can watch the live feed from the koala sanctuary here http://www.koala.net/index.php

the scrub turkey's had some massive nest piles ready to attract a female for breeding

daisy the golden possum was showing off her bottom

theo said hello to all the parrots/birds by name - he learnt what each breed was so quickly

and for pure bragging - a pic of my beloved husband feeding a kangaroo

gotta go now - the tho-man is about to get out of his highchair from lunch so must turn off and pack away the computer

hope to put a few more posts up real soon - lots happening at chateau rich-kids

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