Wednesday, 17 June 2009

new pads from girly bits

the owls will be heading to nurture nappies soon

obama pads at my ozebaby store....
go on - try some today

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Thursday, 4 June 2009

workshop pictures

here's me on the way to the workshop - looking all normal ..... me ... dumb enough to go to a textile event with a known wool allergy and NO anti histamines - to the wonderful ATASDA lady who gave me one of hers i am forever in your debt - should i ever be able to repay you please let me know...

teacher and artist extraordinare - sharyn hall.... having never known i walk past some of her work regularly at the kenmore shops.... what a wonderful teacher, skilled artisan and sweet sweet woman !!!!

CHEEKY!!!! who me???? yes i was ready for sharyn's first demonstration and yes i was ready with a sharpie for her signature.... no points for guessing what 3 items will be framed and hung on the wall of the studio at the new house when it finally arrives!!!!!

my workspace - before i got going....

and some examples of MY work on the day during the workshop. we used vinyl, perspex, foam and stamps/rubbings with thickened procion dyes (and some paints NOT included in my pics) on natural fibres including cotton, silk and i added some hemp and bamboo to the mix - so if you nappy fabric girls get some new customers from outside the nappying world - well i gave a few stores names/websites out on the day.... so expect some bv buys real soon....
man did i have fun.... i'm thinking this may be MY outlet


you may have heard how we recently had one years worth of rain in 2-3 days

so it flooded and ally had to stay away from school a couple of days - the water went across the road to the school's gate - we kept busy at home with her homework book and year one maths

(she's doing mostly year 2 at school - chronologically year 1)

anyway a picture taken on the way to school 2 days after the floods...

birthday cake - school version

this is the cake

sent to school for ally's 6th birthday

not bad for a newbie to cake writing.....

Monday, 1 June 2009

so exciting

i did the print paint and play course at the textile fair with sharyn hall
they are in the wash right now - after curing overnight
i'm so excited!!!!

off to join the group and belong to a group of women without concern about whether i'm in the in group and more about whether i'm interested in the subject - oh YES PLEASE!!!!

will post some pics asap