Monday, 25 June 2012

pad possibility and kids artwork

this is one of my favourite pad sets ever - snail print, hand dyed bamboo velour top and my little machine stitched snail - so cute.

i did quite a few for that custom spot - swirly tops and different print/velour combos - feel free to contact me for a custom anytime - i'll slot you in around my life.

i spend so much time tying these sliding knots now - they really suit the pendants, melty and smurf necklaces i make. must put some of the smurf earrings and necklaces up for the online public.

did you know i'm a kaszazz consultant? i made this card at an expo with amanda cordingley - she's a millenium star (makes $1000s in sales every month). i'm happy if anyone wants to buy it from me cause then i don't need to spend it all myself. i can also make stuff for you - cards, invites, journals - lmk if i can help.
Alex did this card for a schoolmate's birthday party - i wrapped the present to match - we love oliver and oscar the owl!
Theo is absolutely loving donald duck at the moment - here's his first painting of him - pretty darned good for an almost 5 yo hey?
and finally today - Alex's minnie mouse.

have a lovely remainder of june

Sunday, 17 June 2012

2011 face painting at work

zombie nun - a few customers said i took them back to their school days in this costume
mask - with this one i actually used spirit gum to glue the feather and rhinestone to my forehead

i was the ref and my co-worker april was a mascot/uber fan for the brisbane roar 

we always did our own makeup except on this next one - my last day - i was a snow scene/queen for the christmas season - i did the background and april did the snowflakes for me - this is after 10hours so it held up pretty well i think
and the black contacts i used to freak folk out with - especially if i only wore one
ah they were fun days - april and i on saturday freaking out the customers. nah. mostly it inspired them - and some would even bring in pics of their own handiwork to see.
i have access to another brand of facepaint now so will have that in store in the next financial year

kids face painting

i'm so lucky my kids will sit still long enough for mummy to pain their gorgeous faces - ally's ballerina could do with some work 
i love her snowman scene
both of theo's dinosaurs worked out pretty good
and ally's rainbow for chappy day at school went over a treat both with her and at school