Monday, 25 June 2012

pad possibility and kids artwork

this is one of my favourite pad sets ever - snail print, hand dyed bamboo velour top and my little machine stitched snail - so cute.

i did quite a few for that custom spot - swirly tops and different print/velour combos - feel free to contact me for a custom anytime - i'll slot you in around my life.

i spend so much time tying these sliding knots now - they really suit the pendants, melty and smurf necklaces i make. must put some of the smurf earrings and necklaces up for the online public.

did you know i'm a kaszazz consultant? i made this card at an expo with amanda cordingley - she's a millenium star (makes $1000s in sales every month). i'm happy if anyone wants to buy it from me cause then i don't need to spend it all myself. i can also make stuff for you - cards, invites, journals - lmk if i can help.
Alex did this card for a schoolmate's birthday party - i wrapped the present to match - we love oliver and oscar the owl!
Theo is absolutely loving donald duck at the moment - here's his first painting of him - pretty darned good for an almost 5 yo hey?
and finally today - Alex's minnie mouse.

have a lovely remainder of june

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