Tuesday, 22 April 2008

new products and a custom

after checking with ruth of greenkids/sugafish that she'd be ok with me selling a similar yet different product i've put a few wristlet key fobs up on ozebaby.

plus a custom set for a family i know. the regular girly bits pad has been shortened by about 1cm each end to suit. hope they like them, but then don't mind if they don't cause these would go great in MY stash - lol
happy day all

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

a swap and a thankyou

when my son was born we had a rocky start to our breastfeeding relationship - with bleeding nipples, vasoconstriction, mastitis, lactose overload, cmpi and reflux. the first couple of weeks i spent quite a bit of time on the phone to a wonderful lady (and aba counsellor) called bek (she owns http://www.pookeypockets.com.au/

so to thank her for her kind help i've made her a gorgeous narrow dyed bv top pad, with bamboo fleece inner and her fave print on the back - hopefully mister postman will deliver it tomorrow

and last year i got the wondeful tikki made these for our bear http://tikkifabricaddict.blogspot.com/2007/08/i-just-love-love-love-this-fabric-3.html the pair on the guitar are ally's - she's a pink freak and LOVES her tikki jeans - they are usually worn with her pint http://pintspalette.blogspot.com/ pixie top (painted by tikki's talented sister megsie). i've finally made my half of the swap (not being completely slack here - was all arranged with the lovely georgie). i only hope she likes the fabrics i've chosen. (and that 4 is enough)

harlequin customs

i'm really happy with how these turned out

i had some bamboo velour professionally dyed by the girls at http://www.fairyfabrics.com.au/ well worth it at $15 pm. stunning stunning colours.

and offered some custom slots on http://www.clothpadshop.com/ for the april fools harlequin theme.

here's a couple that were posted off today.
i reckon the lady who won the 3 auctions pictured has superb taste in pads!!!

Friday, 11 April 2008

slack me

i'll post an update over the next few days
for now check out

and if you email me direct girlybits@optusnet.com.au you can have all 5 pul backed pads at cps - orange/ble/mauve pul 30cm hemp -for $65 posted - offer available until monday 14th april 9am brisbane time