Wednesday, 10 January 2007

great down under nappy hunt

aka gdunh

i'm a sponsor this year

we'll have to polish up the website a bit

but here's my prize

bamboo velour, bamboo towelling inner and japanese style dragonfly print back.
very hard to give away

Friday, 5 January 2007

post christmas update

so i've been a bit quiet.

but i will endeavour to keep this going now i know someone occassionally reads it - ha!

ok so some pics.

1st is my bubba on her daddies back seeing the christmas lights on christmas eve; we bought a papatum from rachel at - after trying both the ergo and the papatum this is the one that suited my hubbies back the best - ally is 17kg+

2nd every girl wants/needs a horsey - so i made ally a hobby horse for christmas - i used fabric which a friend (leah from had dyed and passed on to me (they are tea towels). i drafted my own pattern of sorts. and handpainted on the eyes/nostrils. ally calls him doctor horsey.

3rd is what i made for lunch - turkey breast, roast veges and bake at home rolls with gravy, cranberry sauce and NO dessert - we went to the ILs for dinner and there were individual layer your own pavlovas there which more than made up for it. turkey was on the lunch menu for several days - 1kg goes a long way.

4th is one of the lorikeets which visited our grevilleas on christmas day - we're so blessed to have many different species of native animals in our neighbourhood - tawny frogmouth's; 2 types of possum, fruit bats, blue fairy wrens, blue kingfishers, kookaburras. just wonderful.

5th i mentioned our visit to the ILs for dinner - the return trip totalled 4 toll booths - these were what we gave each booth operator. i've worked many christmas days but never sitting in a box.

merry christmas and happy 2007 all