Thursday, 30 October 2008

and a word (or many) on hair

so i got tired (again) of having my hair pulled by my prewalking child (who is now RUNNING!) so like with ally i cut my hair off - well this time i got adventurous and went the whole "Queenie - the bantam" and dyed it HOT PINK - it's pretty cool - i started gently with purple, then a bright auburn, and finally i bleached all the colour out to go this colour!!! certifiable - almost certainly
and to make you all go green - this is an above shot of my sons curls - not quite as red as they once were but stunning all the same.

how cool is this!!

coles had a sale on decor containers and i reorganised the pantry!!!

i'm loving my pantry now
and this website - how cool is this stuff!!! wedding gowns made of hemp and silk - and the colours, pictures etc - WONDERFUL!

latest custom

how lush are these?

even i get blown away by the fabric combinations sometimes...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

so proud

i gave ally a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle (first time she'd seen it) when she needed some calm down time last week - well she finished the whole puzzle all by herself and was zen like in her calmness by the end - yay for jigsaws

ozebaby update

new products available now:

a select range of patterns by gorgeous sisters "melly and me"

some stunning butterfly prints

a very regal deep purple hemp/silk charmeuse

sewing and overlocking threads

professionally prewashed hemp/organic cotton fleece by the metre

and a girly bits custom slot