Thursday, 30 October 2008

and a word (or many) on hair

so i got tired (again) of having my hair pulled by my prewalking child (who is now RUNNING!) so like with ally i cut my hair off - well this time i got adventurous and went the whole "Queenie - the bantam" and dyed it HOT PINK - it's pretty cool - i started gently with purple, then a bright auburn, and finally i bleached all the colour out to go this colour!!! certifiable - almost certainly
and to make you all go green - this is an above shot of my sons curls - not quite as red as they once were but stunning all the same.


kate said...

Oh Kaz I psychotically love it!!! Looks so so awesome!! My hair is dark auburn at the moment and quite long, but Tom has figured out the pulling thing already so might be following in your footsteps with the cut sooner rather than later.

Gosh I love that colour on you, I want cool hair too!! ;)

And awwwww at your boy's curls, they are delicious :D

Kaz said...

thanks kate
i just looked at your new man yesterday - he's so very very cute

you sound so very happy too