Thursday, 31 December 2009

end of year ramble

wow well who new that 2009 would be so huge
and that 2010 looks so good

oh and that today is new years eve (yes i was a day out so thought it was tomorrow - lol)

our house is looking FABULOUS
we had christmas lunch (sandwiches, soft drink/juice/ginger beer and tiny teddies) on the deck - took theo's high chair as the deck is 4m off ground and there's no ballustrading yet.

we had christmas dinner with greg's parents and boxing day lunch with mine

the kids had a fabulous time - ally got a new pushbike - she's got good quite quickly; theo got a new little lawn mower that makes a clicking sound when he pushes it - he likes to wear greg's earmuffs whilst he does - great for shops, parks, inside and outside

and books - lots and lots of books

greg and i got each other a few little things - but the main gifts - to him a new socket set and a trapeze lesson with circa; and for me - 3 private riding lessons at the riverside equestrian centre in moggill. so very very cool!!!

the kids were completely spoiled by the rels and got some really wonderful gifts - handmade dolls clothes, a diy kaleidoscope and microscope, a whole bunch of smiggle goodies for ally

theo got a few thomas things, hotwheels cars and slide, a super truck amongst lots of other gifts

both sets of parents gave greg and i wonderful gifts for the new house - can't wait to move in and start enjoying them (''though the ladder is already over there)

alex has completely blossomed at her new school - her teacher miss blackburn is probably as close to the perfect teacher for alex that you can possibly get - and next year she has her again
alex is extremely intelligent, co-operative and liked which is fabulous. she will never be the most co-ordinated soul - can't have it all 'though - she's super duper smart.
alex enjoyed physie out of school hours - learning little dance routines and even enjoyed the competing bit - lol.

ok it's now midnight so happy new year all

what else did we accomplish
well our biggest barney ever - but we made up again
i joined a community choir and did some amazing performances - including the brookfield opera (part of the brisbane festival) and the lord mayor's corporate christmas party
it's such fun
theo and i spend so much time at lone pine koala sanctuary that he knows what order the animals are in and many of the staff know us
we went on 2 steam train rides this year - our train museum membership was really worth it
i've convinced greg to go back to ju jitsu - he's really enjoying it so i'm pleased

we're getting more exercise as a family - walks and bike rides mostly

i signed up with kaszazz and now have a stamp, paper and scrapbooking addiction

theo is talking well now, and loves to sing. he's a climber, a runner and a deconstruction expert

oh i think that will do
2010 - here's to a brilliant year

Sunday, 27 December 2009

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