Wednesday, 7 July 2010

apology and mini update

sorry my first post in almost 3months was an ebay promo
i stuffed up my listing so wanted to let the bidders see my actual hammock

wow it's been frantic here
not enough minutes as they say
especially when one really tries to pay attention to each one as they happen yk?
so the school hols are almost over - so fast again
today was fairly quiet - a trip to the toy library - theo's really into puzzles now and is advancing much quicker than i'm willing to buy more of (especially as the wood ones are so much better for little hands) so we hire them - he's up to 20 piece odd shaped ones and will attempt up to 30 piece jigsaws with some help.

he became quite addicted to toy story 2 - prepping him for our drive in excursion to see 3, now loves buzz and woody, more than (i think) captain mack

that and snotting his sister - sigh - so now we have found the trouble with raising a polite, patient, empathetic and someone woosy girl - he will bite, hairpull, hit and pinch just to hear the cool sounds she makes - sigh. of course she does help create the situation by insisting he play a game he doesn't want too. but yk what - i reckon about 95% of the time they get on so well and she's an amazing big sister.

yesterday we went to the abbey museum's medievil kids fun day - the kids got to make some fabulous stuff - shields, a princess hat, sword, mask, and ally and i did some lucet braiding - it looks a lot like french knitting when it comes off the tool - but is only a 2 prong tool unlike a french knitting bee
afterwards i had my flying experience thanks to phil from choir - - i made some paperplate shamrock props for a song we did so phil gifted me a flight as a lovely thankyou. we flew out over bribie island - i took some pics of my folks place, the coastline, bribie bridge and glasshouse mountains. turning off the engine - i must say made me hold my breath but no the plane didn't dip - not til later when phil did it on purpose - made me feel extremely sick so he didn't do any more of the fancy turns - lol
i'll put a few pics up - note the one in the air with the propellor off!!
and come back soon with pics from around our little piece of paradise

hammock on ebay

here's some pics of the actual hammock i have on ebay
we've searched high and low for the hole but can't find it
so it must be very small
this pic has the light of the day behind it
there is no clamp but i do have a jolly jumper frame i'd be prepared to list if anyone is interested

i've also put a pair of boys pedoodles up if anyone is interested

all finishing tonight
my ebay user name is rich-kid-productions