Wednesday, 10 November 2010

some house pics

a bit late coming i know
you can see the colours, the size of the deck is 8 x 12m; it's 4 m off the ground at the highest point and the block is getting a bit overgrown with the recent rain. you can also see the see saw we built for theo's 3rd birthday.


our first night away from the kids

greg and i had our first night last week
we dropped the kids at my folks where they had a super time decorating biscuits and cupcakes; playing with playdoh; eating icecream; reading etc and sleeping really well with no tears at all!
we headed up to eumundi for lunch (to scope it for the following day's markets) and most of the town was shut due to a little horse race we forgot all about - sigh. we got lunch at a local bakery - very yummy thanks. we drove over to noosa and walked along the foreshore stopping at some of the shops to giggle at the high heeled crocs!!! then we finally found hastings street and went for a wander - yes the drunken, loud, hat wearing patrons rubbed in the whole horse race thing. i did get my new hat - it's a lovely grown up one - i should get some pictures before one of the kids destroys it

we stayed at a gorgeous we had the whole place to ourselves - so we watched scrapheap challenge whilst henna-ing each other and then a game of scrabble whilst eating yummy pizza (mine was satay chicken) before some not for blogging us time. wednesday we got up and had a gorgeous breakfast of fresh fruit salad, bircher muesli and fresh baked banana muffins made by veronica (thanks so much). then we headed off to the eumundi markets where we bought a few things - it was most enjoyable - lots of lovely things to look at and the kids scored honeycomb, strawberries (theo) and a fairy dress (alex) and we each got a top. i bought a couple of bars of soap to tide me over until i hear back from my regular supplier. some avocado oil for my mum and some magic cards to put in alex's santa sack.

after the markets we drove to yandina to the where we got to be a pair of big kids and rode the train and more importantly the boat ride through the hundreds of puppets - oh my the fun we had!!!

when we got back to the kids at my folks place they were having so much fun with nana in the bus they barely said hello - my parents were fabulous but i think rather worn out by our kids - thanks nana and pa - for our break, for keeping the kids safe and happy and for agreeing to do it again "sometime" xox

more face paint for halloween

ally had a disco to go to the night before halloween itself - so daddy did her makeup as a skeleton - so very very cute
the night of halloween there was a mixup and ally was off trick or treating sans costume - i quickly did her up in my zombie makeup (see previous post) and put my work wig on her - my own little mini zombie - super cute. the kids loved trick or treating - way too many lollies and some incredibly kind and generous souls in karana downs - was so proud of my alex - she has the most amazing manners and only 7 years old.

two more of my work faces - day of the dead and skeleton. i did a scarier green version of the zombie makeup which frightened a few people and made a small child cry - sigh - that made me feel particularly bad. we sold a LOT of face paint 'though. note the difference in quality of white - i didn't set the white on the skeleton with powder - so it wasn't looking as great after 8 hours as the days i did set it.
we had four very busy days when i was on for halloween - it was an amazing experience - so many people in such a small space at one time (well over 4 days) a couple of times i felt a bit overwhelmed by the crush but really after my experience as a nurse - it's not like anyone was going to die was it? and it's a lot of fun helping people decide what to wear, how to decorate etc.