Wednesday, 10 November 2010

more face paint for halloween

ally had a disco to go to the night before halloween itself - so daddy did her makeup as a skeleton - so very very cute
the night of halloween there was a mixup and ally was off trick or treating sans costume - i quickly did her up in my zombie makeup (see previous post) and put my work wig on her - my own little mini zombie - super cute. the kids loved trick or treating - way too many lollies and some incredibly kind and generous souls in karana downs - was so proud of my alex - she has the most amazing manners and only 7 years old.

two more of my work faces - day of the dead and skeleton. i did a scarier green version of the zombie makeup which frightened a few people and made a small child cry - sigh - that made me feel particularly bad. we sold a LOT of face paint 'though. note the difference in quality of white - i didn't set the white on the skeleton with powder - so it wasn't looking as great after 8 hours as the days i did set it.
we had four very busy days when i was on for halloween - it was an amazing experience - so many people in such a small space at one time (well over 4 days) a couple of times i felt a bit overwhelmed by the crush but really after my experience as a nurse - it's not like anyone was going to die was it? and it's a lot of fun helping people decide what to wear, how to decorate etc.

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