Monday, 18 October 2010

zombie makeup

have been VERY busy
i've taken a casual job at a craft/costume shop at indooroopilly called craft ideas - 2nd floor

i usually work thurs evening and all day saturday, with halloween fast approaching i'm also working sundays and the week before i'm working more shifts whilst greg stays home with theo. anyhoo part of the gig is dressing up to inspire the customers - chris (my gorgeous boss) chose a wig for me to wear - i've been spending a bit of time online searching out make-up ideas - i found this tutorial and loved it - not a bad job after watching once and doing my face several days later dontcha think? i see now i could have used more black. and i'd love to perfect the white even-ness a bit more. i'm not a make-up kinda girl - i've just bought my first lot of eyeshadow in over 10 years - lol.

will add more pics as i try more looks - i've got some fun liquid latex to play with, plus glow in the dark face cream, scar skin and more

hhmmmm brains anyone???

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