Wednesday, 10 January 2007

great down under nappy hunt

aka gdunh

i'm a sponsor this year

we'll have to polish up the website a bit

but here's my prize

bamboo velour, bamboo towelling inner and japanese style dragonfly print back.
very hard to give away


Lara said...

That fabric is beautiful! Bamboo and dragonflies... going to be hunting extra hard this year :)

Lexi & Lolly said...

Yummy! Is that a wierd way to describe a pad? *lol*

Lara said...

Nowhere near as weird as "Sexy!" for nappies. *vomit*

Joh said...

oh lush! hope i win - heehee.

tikki said...

Gorgeous fabric combination; the print is stunning :D

Tania said...

They are beautiful. I wasn't going to do the hunt this time, maybe I should reconsider :)

Baa Bum Mum said...

oh geez I need to win those!!