Sunday, 17 June 2012

2011 face painting at work

zombie nun - a few customers said i took them back to their school days in this costume
mask - with this one i actually used spirit gum to glue the feather and rhinestone to my forehead

i was the ref and my co-worker april was a mascot/uber fan for the brisbane roar 

we always did our own makeup except on this next one - my last day - i was a snow scene/queen for the christmas season - i did the background and april did the snowflakes for me - this is after 10hours so it held up pretty well i think
and the black contacts i used to freak folk out with - especially if i only wore one
ah they were fun days - april and i on saturday freaking out the customers. nah. mostly it inspired them - and some would even bring in pics of their own handiwork to see.
i have access to another brand of facepaint now so will have that in store in the next financial year

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