Saturday, 18 September 2010

thank you universe

for the lessons of the past week

sometimes trying to encourage empathy in others will not succeed - that's ok, i'll still try when i can

to teach my son as he grows that it is not necessary to overpower a woman to be a man - shaking a woman's hand need not require you to crush it so much it hurts 3 hours later when she goes home and cries to her husband - thank goodness i was blessed with a husband who has taught me what to do next time that happens to me

and by giving my kids two racist grandfathers - i must increase my resolve to teach my children there is good and bad in all, and to take each person at face value (not religion, race, sex, class, fame, wealth etc) we are all capable of doing great deeds and making bad choices. and we can live beyond all of them.


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