Saturday, 21 April 2007

first dye-ing attempt

will write up later

just wanted to put some pics up

greg wanted one pair of his thai fishermans pants purple and the other black (waiting on the co-op) so i took the opportunity (after a lesson and lots of phone support from my dear friend lesley of cherubskiss fame) to dye a few things.

here's the end result. it's a long story and we're about to watch spooks and do some more padmagicary.




Lesley said...

Yummy colours, it looks fabbo. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Kaz said...

thanks lesley
you are a GEM!

rainbowdreams said...

the bottom pic, what i'm guessing is velour, that lavender turned out GORGEOUS!!!!

Tania said...

I just wanted to say how beautiful your belly looks! Oh and the colours look lovely too.

Kaz said...

thanks RBd and tania
the colours did come out great for a novice - and the belly is getting bigger and more *in the way* now - funny how each pregnancy is so different