Saturday, 23 December 2006

christmas present previews

1st is the top that donna made and the pants i've made to match - love this print

2nd is a closeup of the fairy fabric i've used to make ally a new dress

3rd is a closeup of the fabric i've used to make greg's boxer shorts - i've got some ready to make a set for ozebaby too - love this print

4th is the mighty mouse cotton knit i've made greg a pair of lounge pants from

5th is the key ring i've made greg - this took almost 2 hours with cleaning the bead release out of the hole (naughty seller) ; trying to get the different threading through said hole; different tieing combos and it being 1 am when i started.... now i'm wondering if he'll use it

will post action shots after christmas



1 comment:

Kate said...

Oh I LOVE Ally's set!! That print is gorgeous :D

And am pleased to see your pirates too ;)