Friday, 22 December 2006

collaboration with tracee of whizz kidz

i've worked (very slowly) on 2 sets to go with nappies i've asked tracee from whizz kidz to make using some of my gorgeous fabric. this is the first set - for girls it's 2 different michael miller fabrics which contrast
beautifully together i think. there's 2 different tops - one is reversible by turning inside out and the other by turning back to front. the pants are done with a contrasting hem which can be turned up as a cuff or left down.
the nappy tracee did is stunning with a hotp pink microfleece inner layer.
i was very tempted to just keep this nappy and make something for my bear from the fabric. but that wouldn't be fair on tracee. so they'll be on in the handmaiden store this weekend december the 9th.
i've got some finishing to do on the boys set and then i'll update here

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