Thursday, 3 May 2007

a few more pad things

and then i'll leave you be.

many of my direct customers are mum's who use cloth nappies on their babies. why not - many women have a realisation that if they won't use disposables on their bubs then why on their bits?

but some of my ladies aren't mums and some aren't who one might expect.
i'm completely chuffed i've managed to get my best mate into cloth - i sent her a black hemp topped pad with PUL print on back to try and she loved it. so i've now made her up the pads in teh first pic above - we used to go see animated movies together and she's a huge fan of Cars so i did one for a giggle. plus some darker ones with PUL back.
the second pic is to show a comparison of my regular 24cm pad versus the new 30cm - it's the same width wingspan as the 27cm and some ladies prefer that. i still have and do the wider 30cm that's available at best for baby.
very very busy this month - a few more customs to finish plus a whole lot of wholesale.

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