Saturday, 19 May 2007

you guessed it.... pads

these pics are the latest pads to go to my dear friend michelle at sustainable hemp products - there will only be

3 of the rainbow fairies with hemp silk tops.

the aqua fairies will have around 20 in total.

finally we are getting stuff aimed at the market i really want to crack - teens. and i'm aiming for university girls too - my dream to be at O week spreading the word - if anyone can get me there it's the hempnut - she's just a walking ball of passion!!!

the last pic is the mermaid that i kind of stuffed - took the top of her head off - so guess what - I get to keep this one for myself - yay!!!



1 comment:

bluetopaze said...

Hi Kaz,
I really like those prints you have chosen for those teen pads.
They are really cute.
signed Sarah