Thursday, 3 May 2007

custom pads

it's been fun making a few customs up. it's quite rewarding in different ways to have a woman who knows exactly what she wants and to have one who's completely new to cloth pads and has given me the opportunity to be their first step on their cloth journey.

i really get quite passionate about what i do. i love the fabrics. i love the adjustability of my pads in length, width, thickness and content to suit each individual's needs. and i love the feedback when someone gets a truly beautiful pad and says they look forward to being able to wear them.

i had an auction for a mermaid mother and baby and was humbled by how well it went. but of course i don't actually think one pad is enough for the amount spent so in the first pic is everything that went for that auction. the second pic shows the actual pad won - so it's my dyed purple BV with the mermaid on the back; the other items included a liner, bag and i tossed in a second i had here too.
the other 3 pads are 2 customs for heavy/night pads - 27cm and 30cm long with hidden PUL.
my hubby calls the purple bv with purple paisley on black the *ultimate goth pad* - smile.
the bamboo print was used with permission of michelle at sustainable hemp products.

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Jenni said...

They look great! Love the mermaids of course!