Friday, 11 May 2007

last one for today

i've got some gorgeous new fabrics (i think i told you i'm a fabric addict - yes?)

i've got 3 in the the kitty boutique range - more to come on ozebaby very soon - something a little different to try.

the peacock is popular - which is great - i was very excited to find another peacock with gold accents.

another custom - this was a night custom for 2 pads - the mermaid and dancing cows - so funky - great taste there from the buyer.

and the most exquisite new line at sustainable hemp products - this will be a short run and there will be 3 only of the same print in rainbow colours - i'll post a pic once i've got one made up.

i love my job!


Kate said...

Ohhhh how much am I in LOVE with that fairy pad! that fabric is just divine. I have some left still from the TC stuff we did and keep looking at it trying to work out what I want to do with it. It is too special to be used willy nilly yk?

Amazing work as always K :D


Kaz said...

i know - i have 4 from the range - one is a dress that i made ally last christmas, and i have 2 more sitting there for her too. the blue one of course was inspired by you (i did ask you about using that way back didn't i? if not i apologise, my memory must be warped)