Saturday, 27 December 2008

apron, pint and pixie

i've never posted a pic anywhere of the stunning kitchen themed swap i received.... i wore one of the aprons on christmas day - so here it is - how completely utterly gorgeous is this apron??? made by the delightful becci who organises many of the swaps on that particular group - thanks becci... i'll get greg to iron the other apron and post a pic of that soon too!!!

theo finally got his pint - it's pretty darned cute - a tad more fro than his sumner-milleresque hair but how does one do s-m hair??? thanks megsie - we love it - and it fits beautifully.

and the only item i managed to sew for ally for christmas this year - and i'm so incredibly proud of it!!! i smiled like a cheshire cat for days after finishing it - i used the portabello pixie pattern "analise" size 6 (available at my store ); i did the simple version (ie. not the quilted skirt) and used an amy butler print for the skirt, and 2 co-ordinating (well i think they do) joel dewberry fabrics for the bodice and trims. it's a wonderful fit and great for twirling - it reminded me of a very expensive dress my mum bought me as a girl - it was white with multicoloured spots and 2 or 3 frills around the skirt - man did i wear that thing! ally adores her new frock - and i hope she wears it heaps too!
more soon about the best family christmas greg and i have ever had!!!

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