Sunday, 1 June 2008

farewell dear friend

our beloved spaniel left us today

he has been with us for 11 years

and we will all miss him terribly

here's what i posted on nappycino

21st feb 1997 - 1st june 2008

our beloved and most trusted friend

we will miss your softness

we will miss your cuddles

we will miss your love

we will miss your being there

bogart has been buried at our new block of land with a norfolk pine tree and lavendar garden with an extra large sprinkling of cow manure, his ball, food dish and lead. he has been positioned amongst what will be the chicken pen and no dig garden in clear view of our future back deck.


bogart and my family taken 31st march 2008

i'm always astounded that people can look at photo threads, baby announcements etc on forums and not even write one word!!! don't open the thread if you can't write anything i reckon.

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