Tuesday, 24 June 2008

have i told you...

about the patterns i sell from sew liberated/montessori by hand

they are really beautiful items designed by a gorgeous lady

here's the latest one (winging it's way to my door as you read)

it's called lola

head to http://www.ozebaby.com.au/store.php?VS=17 to see the rest of the range
an update on grief:
well it's been a while, and we're still so close to crying most days. ally keeps making pictures/balloons etc into puppies to give greg as "he really misses his dog mummy"; on the drive to school one day last week she exclaimed "i have a brilliant idea, lets get daddy a puppy for his birthday - it must be a spaniel!" hmmm. i don't know if greg will last that long.
last night we took one of greg's specialties next door for dinner - pasta from scratch with a lamb/peri peri mince and fresh bread. talking about bogart reduced us both to tears - yes it was the right decision - just picturing him so scared when he'd gone blind in the last couple of days made me so sad. greg visited him today at the block - his garden is growing beautifully so i'm so pleased about that.
thanks for your kind comments too - i really appreciate them

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