Saturday, 23 May 2009

the bear is 6!!!!

wow it's amazing to us

our little girl is now 6

and she is beautiful - inside and out

let me tell you about yesterday - at playtime at school yesterday a little girl in ally's class lost the locket to her new diary... so ally asked her teacher if she could go back to the classroom for a pencil and paper - sure said her teacher what do you want it for.... this is what happened

alex got the pencil and paper, asked a little girl who usually plays by herself to help and then they went around asking the other kids have you seen the locket? they wrote down the names with a no beside them....

on monday she made up jokes to try to cheer up a boy in grade 7 who was crying about being on detention
every day she teaches her baby brother something new

happy birthday sweet girl - you make our life more beautiful every single day

love mummy and daddy

p.s. how gorgeous is my husband????
and on a crafty note - i made her pants this morning whilst they had pancakes for breakfast - polar fleece!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl, you must be so proud of her.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend with your gorgeous family

Much love xox

Kaz said...

thanks kris
i posted on your n/c profile about the course next week