Friday, 15 May 2009

our trip to school

each day is scattered with stunning examples of eccentricity that make us all smile

here are 3 of our faves

the pig letterbox is made from an old bbq gas bottle - she was dressed up as a bilby over easter; we've been told she becomes a reindeer for christmas
the phone booth is in a horse paddock - the last turn before school - and i LOVE this - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! i think i'd probably love it even more if i was into dr who....
and last week we spotted the chicken letterbox almost opposite the phonebooth - pretty cool huh?
other kooky letterboxes on the way are an old microwave, a white bucket and a few stunningly decorated pink and floral ones
add to that the stunning bush, mountains, farms with goats, llama's, cows, pigs, and whole tonne of horses. it truly is a wonder start to the day
jealous yet???

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