Friday, 15 May 2009

a bear update

poor little allybear - she missed 3 weeks of last term with mycoplasma pneumonia and ross river - such a brave little possum 'though!

the rash was unbearable for the poor thing - it looked like massive welts which progressed further up her body each time the phenergan wore off - towards the end of it's cycle she was getting it on her neck and behind her ears!!! the pic is of her lower thigh the second day of the rash! she had x-rays and blood tests and was so very brave - i did put on emla cream so she didn't feel it, she watched the needle go in, the blood come out and didn't hear us talk to her she was so fascinated. the wonderful red cross volunteers made the knitted bear she was gifted - what a fabulous thing for them to do. she got a whole bag of stuff including stickers, colour in and a clean specimen jar full of jelly beans - makes for an interesting time at the docs when theo pulls out the specimen jars anticipating lolly goodness (ally gave him a white one!)
we did lots of puppet making to keep her creative side happy and as we had to stay home lots of kids tv, reading and gentle play in the yard - like the chalk drawing on cement in the pic;

i bought a bag sewing kit for her ages ago - rather than follow the instructions she decided to go her own way (ah her mother's daughter) and came up with a very cute result indeed - i stitched the buttons and handle on (using white buttons on the back)

i gave her a pile of buttons and asked her to sort them into groups then explain to me why she chose each group - it was enlightening have a look...
and lastly a couple of pics of the farm ally made out the back window - there were lots of other animals but these were just too cute to miss
brag over

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