Wednesday, 9 May 2012

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me.e.e.eeee
happy birthday to me

oh no - no longer 40year old mother of two
now i'm a 40something mother of two!

lovely evening - had butter chicken, rice and naan from our favourite indian scherezade in kenmore. birthday cake was carrot (packet mix by greg, icing by alex). then presents by the celebration tree. pj's from theo, a fantastic work lamp from alex - eco friendly, great light source and PURPLE! and from greg a resin bracelet making kit from Barnes' at woolloongabba and on sunday i'm going to have my photo taken with iluka on the glove at the lone pine koala sanctuary - iluka is a sea eagle and one the of the most beautiful birds you would ever see!

mum is coming to stay tomorrow night as i'm helping at ally's new school with the mcgrath foundation fundraiser. above are some of the prizes for best pink outfit for each class. we're doing a jellybean jar count, pink facepaint, pancakes, balloons and a silent auction of the cricket equipment i was sent by the foundation - we had a fundraiser last year at her old school - we raised $200 in a school with 55 kids. this year we have over 500 kids so i'm hoping for over $500. 

here's my stall from the mt crosby state school twilight market - went very well - my daughter helped by making balloon dogs and handing them out to the kids. i met a lovely group of stall holders around me and even met up with Jean again at the next one.
this was my stall at the IMBA baby bazaar - more lovely folk around me, but some unpleasant folk wandering around. can't win them all - don't think i'll have another stall in ipswich in a hurry.
and finally that's me and jackie french - the author - i'm looking a bit stressed as my son is trying to climb up my dress and jackie has another lecture to attend over in petrie. she gave a wonderful talk to the year 4-7s. highly recommend her at any school. she spins a good yarn, inspires one to write and talks of her struggle with writing, spelling and dyslexia and how she still became a writer despite teachers telling her she couldn't live off it - over 130 books later....

good night

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