Thursday, 31 May 2012

a sneak peek of my latest craftiness.... i will have this on my table at the june home style market at sherwood state school - come along for a lot of lovely hand made goodness - chatty creators and family fun. 
sometimes on the way home from school the kids get out of the car at the top of our street (it's a cul de sac) and they run down to the house whilst i follow behind driving super slow with the hazard lights on... of course the one time nana was in the car poor old alex plummeted into the bitumen - twas a mighty fall as her elbow gives testament to
theo and i go to the brookfield produce about once every 2 weeks now it's not on our daily school run - he loves to see the animals - rodents, birds and fish. especially the fish who follow his finger along the glass. we have set up a fish tank in the kids room with guppies he loves to watch them as he falls asleep.

i will have to add some more of my face painting pics soon - it seems to be the biggest spike in blog traffic

welcome to winter

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