Saturday, 19 May 2012

the last part of my birthday presents - here i am at the lone pine koala sanctuary in brisbane holding the most divine miss iluka - sea eagle extraordinaire - isn't she beautiful??? just under 3.5kg and not fond of bare hands hence my other hand behind my back. oh the thrill - it was so amazing to be holding something so graceful, so powerful and all whilst wearing one of my mother's day presents - piggie on a shirt by my son theo - brilliant for a not yet 5yo. theo is obsessed with piggie and elephant books and in fact any book by mo willems will get a squeal of delight. should find a pic of my hubby's birthday cake as it has gerald - the elephant - on it drawn by me. 
waiting in line for the picture was a tad difficult for the little man - so daddy did some way fun hanging upside downs with him - lol.
alex got to hold a guinea pig whilst we were there - this is what pom pom looked like before he chewed/scratched all his fur off. this was the day before our pom pom succumbed to the cold. ah cruel irony.
and finally for today - another gratuitous piggie image
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