Wednesday, 2 May 2012

two days running!!!

who'd have thought it hey?
i'm back again - it's such an unusual occurrence to have the big computer on without one of the kids pinching it from me or hanging off me until i go bonkers!

so why so long - i was working for "the man" - lol. i had a boss, she was an nice lady, but i now know i really don't like working for someone else in retail!!!

i worked there way too long - didn't want to let her down - silly silly karen. i was working every thursday evening, every saturday and every second sunday in the end - really never saw my hubby and my kids didn't get to see us much together at all. 

anyhow life is MUCH better now i'm home again. although today's sinusitis isn't feeling like much fun. sneezing, mucous and vice-like headache.

so onto today's three pics...
hubby and i on our deck on christmas day - taken by our brother in law russell neuendorf. 

my mum and my son - this was at bribie island for mum's 66th birthday. i made the necklace she is wearing and the cake - it's a gluten free, dairy free, nut free, low fat chocolate cake - with all natural colours etc - it's basically a cake free cake - probably should have just taken chocolate - lol. it was lovely 'though. we took up a free-range bbq chicken from our favourite butcher - boutique meats at kenmore woolworths shopping centre. they have lots of lovely free-range meat and some of the friendliest staff around!!! that and some salad, rolls, cake and happy children. was a lovely day - the kids played in the playground and also did some hand-sewing with nana.
i reconnected with my mum this past year thanks to my gorgeous therapist - jane mcdowall - who got me to realise my mum is who she is and not who i think she should be. and i'm me and we can love and respect each other without being what the other wants - pretty obvious hey?
the currently available pads at - although the store is switched off at the moment as i've got another market this saturday, some stuff has gone into handmade highstreet in annerley, and i've sold a few of the meltys at friday night's market.

so that's another three for you to enjoy.
if you are out ipswich way i'm at the ipswich multiple birth associations baby bazaar from 7am (omg how will i cope getting up that early???)


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