Monday, 14 May 2012

this is my gorgeous girl - Alex. ally was diagnosed with scoliosis in her back a couple of years ago and she has been doing exercises set by her physiotherapist jane - at movement solutions - for over a year now - her posture and strength have improved immensely. so as a reward i bought a photo shoot with enchanted portraits via living social.  the photos are beautiful. but what you must know if you get pics taken is that the "packages" that start at $229 aren't what i'd consider packages. it's not until you spend $895 that you get more than prints with the company name watermarked on them so you can't actually duplicate the pictures without their permission. fortunately what you get for the $895 is pretty impressive (hubby's not entirely sure of that but he didn't say no at the time so he can no longer complain). this year's grandparent gifts are taken care of however!
i know it's a bit late, but i'm very proud of the cards i did for my work mates from last year - i've used kaszazz products to make them - i'm a consultant so if you need anything kaszazz contact me and i'll give you great rates and fixed postage. the package at the top are the biscuits i gave them with the card - yes spice biscuits!

it's lovely to hand the camera to my kids and see how they see me - this was taken by my son at sea world - i see love in this face - so pleased he sees that 
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